Zim Air Rally


50 Years of Air Rallying!

Welcome to the Zimbabwe Air Rally

An exercise in precise flying, timing and navigational skill. It is not a race.

2024 Flying Schedule

  • 6 June – briefing and overnight at Caribbea Bay
  • 7 June – overnight at Hwange Safari Lodge
  • 8 June – overnight at Pioneers/Bayete/PheZulu
  • 9 June – overnight at Pioneers/Bayete/PheZulu
  • 10 June – Fly home


  • Miena Ferreira, Marion Kalweit, Mel Cooper – administration and accommodation
  • Warwick Broad – marketing and PR
  • Doug Kew – route and scoring
  • Trish Henson – clearances
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We have a full field for the Zim Air Rally 2024

The response has been fantastic and all slots were allocated within a week. Any further entries will be put on the waiting list and, in the event of any cancellations, we will notify you accordingly.

Registration 2024

As it is the 50th Anniversary we will be including as many PAST participants as we can. It is only respectful that those who have regularly participated and supported the event, have the initial opportunity to enter.  Their commitment has been requested by mid...

A grateful thanks to all our 2024 sponsors

The participation and sponsorship is fantastic and the list keeps growing. So far the following companies have come on board to make the 50th a magnificent event. Alliance Health & Insurance – New loggers KFC – Rally shirts Cirrus Aircraft – Sponsor an event &...